Multiplayer Server for FS8 FS9 FSX (Free)

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Multiplayer Server for FS8 & FF9 (Free)


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Are there no more servers? it doesn't work 😞

djk133 Guest

it works fine the JGA are now running a fshost server for all your gaming needs included are hoplists for thos that like to do flight welcome you need the client above to connect for details on our server please visit our site at

all info for using fshost can be found on forum thxxx

Wolf47 Guest

I have downloaded this program x2 and cant get it to work. It gives me errors stating that the port 6073 is in use. I have opened ports 6073 and 23456 on my router ( Linksys wrt54gs ) and still no go. A freien of mine has the same problem. Any suggestions Please. We can hookup by direct IP and fly all day but would like to get into other servers as well.

guest Guest

hi everyone im new to fs2004 and would like to play online with fellow flyers how do i do this? please help me out ppl my email is thank you look forward to hearing from you alex

guest Guest

would anyone give me there ip address so we could hook up for a flight email it me at above address thank you Alex Shorey


ya same for me i wanna try and fly with someone online just for the fun cuz i never have done it before. so if anyone is starting a session sometime please email me at . Thanks

fecks_123456 Guest

ANDREW THIS IS MY IP NUMBER: IF YOU WANNA FLY add me on me an e mail add if im not online: ANYONE IS ENTITLEED TO FLY WITH A PROFESSIONAL 🙂 🙂 😂 😂 😀 🙂 😀

Juli3n0012 Guest

somebody hit me up -
I'm confused on how this all works, so if some one can send an email to telling me how to get on a server, i would be a happy camper ( :

horrx2 Guest

i want to join a multi player game on fs 2004 sometime email me at

horrx2 Guest

my ip is i use FS2004


Hello there,

Me and a friend have started up a 24/7 flight sim server for FS2004, FSX we also have a 24/7 teamspeak server where pilots can communicate.

Please feel free to drop in.

First of all download teamspeak for free at WWW.GOTEAMSPEAK.COM

Then join the teamspeak server at :

Also, to connect to mulitplayer on FSimulator go to mulitplayter>> connect then in the server iP Adress type in :

Hope to see you online soon, also we are not very busy at the moment and are trying to get some members/regulars please chat to me GBHIA or PTY997 for more info.

Website coming soon.


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