Unable to connect multiplayer

Shinzanmono Guest

Hi guy's, i'm an old player in FSX.
Do anyone know what was the FSX multiplayer server connnection status??
Is that server down??
Because kinda long time was not able to connect.
My FSX was update to SP2.
I was tried to set port forward and other thing that i can do~
It was still not able to connect multiplayer~

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Pbrew85 Guest

Gamespy no longer supports FSX, not sure how you connect to a server from now on, if you know how contact me please Pbrew85@gmail.com

Pro Member Trainee
Nathan Jones (nathan7278) Trainee

Hi Shinzanmono,
GameSpy Is Down forever , you will now have to connect to a local network and connect directly to a IP , here is a website with all IPs
for open sessions


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