What is some of the best Freewear Aircraft

Hawk_345 Guest

I would like to know your best Freewear aircraft. VCs, panels, Effects, Even failures if possible. I already know of the Ifly so dont mention that 1. But any aircraft at all, i like them all mostly. But i would like them to be real and flying today not prototypes or futuristic. Thanks.

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hinch Chief Captain

best freeware:

(dead link removed)

it's my list Wink

Hawk_345 Guest

Nice list, im downlaoding some now, thanks. If any1 else has anymore sugestions of good aircraft post them, because im sure others will benifit from this thread as well.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

I didn't see this on the list.

(dead link removed)

Or this.



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hinch Chief Captain

you're right! they certainly had been at somepoint, but i started again from scratch - how can i forget airhead, the shame! Embarassed

Hawk_345 Guest

Thanks guys, thats some more nice 1s to add, downloading some now.

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Tailhook Chief Captain

Something different - excellent quality though ➡


Anything by Daisuke Yamamoto is worth a look-see.

(dead link removed)

The same can be said for Shigeru Tanaka. This page takes a while to load but it's well worth the wait.

The P-51 (top of the page) is the best currently available. Only one download, no updates required - perfectionism - period.

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