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Simple question, what's it for?

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Takeoff/Go Around (TO/GA) Switch

Click on #2 Controls and you will get a description of how to use that control.


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"The thrust levels are 777 style, but they incorporate a new takeoff/go-around (TO/GA) switch that can be actuated by pressing the switch on the back of the thrust lever (current 767 procedure) or by using TO/GA paddles on the front of the thrust lever (777 procedure) ".....

RadarMan that's the only thing it says about TO/GA switch.
Do you use it regularly? Should I activate it whenever I get a go-around.?

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Do I use it, no, I fly tail-draggers and have flown a "big iron" only once.
I personally don't care for auto-pilot (except to reach and hold an altitude for an extended period of time).
Many use auto-pilots, I like to take off and land on my own, I don't want to watch a movie, I want to do it myself.
Take a look at this description and see if it helps.
Some of our members are into jumbo jets, one should be along soon with a better description than I can give.
Here is the link and the text, which can be found about 9/10ths of the way down the page.


After starting the engines, getting taxi clearance, and finding your way to the active runway, you review the takeoff checklist and decide if you want to fly by hand or let the autopilot guide you through the actual takeoff. If you choose the latter, you initiate the takeoff by pressing the simulated TO/GA (Take off / Go-around) button. You'll feel the autothrottle spool up the engines, hear the speed read-outs as the airplane accelerates, as you concentrate on following the flight director bars and retracting the gear and flaps at the right moments. This quickly gets you to a few thousand feet altitude and you can start to think about pushing the LVL CHG, LNAV and VNAV buttons which allow you to take the hands off the yoke and admire the scenery below. Now, you can have a cup of coffee and consult your charts.




There are two different autothrottles. One for the Lear and one for the
B737-400. The Lear doesn't need arming and there is no "Take off- Go Around"
(TOGA) switch as there is in the B737.
Arming means that the function will occur when the airplane leaves the ground,
just as arming the spoilers means that that function will take place as the
airplane touches down. TOGA means that the throttle will be gradually advanced
on takeoff until the takeoff thrust is achieved. Go around advances the
throttle back to takeoff thrust and is used to abort a landing.
There is a "Arming" switch on the B737-400 just to the left of the autopilot
master switch. This switch plus the autopilot master switch plus the SPD hold
switch must be turned on and a value entered in the IAS/MACH window for the
autothrottle to work.
I usually set the IAS/MACH value to 250 kts when lined up for takeoff. With all
of the above turned on and a notch or two of flaps deployed, I press the TOGA
button and the airplane begins it's takeoff roll. I have 3000 dialed in the ALT
window but I don't turn ALT hold on until after takeoff and retracting the gear
and flaps. Then I turn on ALT hold and check that a positive Vert. Spd. has
been assigned. I can usually start bumping up the speed value at this point to
maintain a N1 reading of 90%-96%. There are specific rules for the changeover
from IAS to MACH, but I can never remember them. I change over at about 300-350
kts. On descent and landings the autopilot can be used to reduce the throttle
as required also. Makes one less thing to ride herd on.
I hope this helps you. Others will probably chime in here with there favorite
or prescribed methods. It's your simulator, follow whichever advice that turns
you on. Get back here if you have any more trouble.

I didn't write the above, I just pasted it for you to read. Read


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The to/ga switch is used for take-off mostly. You set the parking brakes after you've lined up on the rnwy, set your throttle so the N1 guages read around 40%. flip the autothrottle on----- the AP has to be on as well-- the let off the brake and hit the toga switch. The AP will advance the throttle to takeoff power without over heating or over reving the engines. Now I've noticed that on FS2004 that when I hit the toga button, the damn trim starts running away. It did'nt do that on FS2000. I just went back to manually setting the throttles.

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Thanks leadfoot and RadarMan.
I was on final approach today and I got a go-around so I was able to try the TOGA switch.....Maybe in the real world it's quicker to use it, but for sim purposes I see no point. It's quicker to just apply full throttle and turn off AP, as usually when on short final you're not using AT ( at least not me).
I read somewhere that you can "arm" thrust reverers to deploy just as you can do with the spoilers, I tried to do it by leaving the FD on (as the post said) but I didn't get it. Any ideas?

I concurr with you RadarMan, there is no point in using the sim to just "watch a movie". Even though I was pretty excited when I learned ILS landings I'm back to hand flying.

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Leave the AP on and autothrottle on ,Tie in the AP to the ILS. the AP will land you automaticly. It will cut the throttle just before touchdown, and will go to reverse thrust after touchdown. It's neat, but I prefer to do it manually.

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Uh oh, i noticed a little somthing i had to comment on. NEVER EVER HAVE THE AUTOPILOT ON DURING TAKEOFF, OR ANYTIME YOU'RE ON THE GROUND. You dont need it to use TO/GA controls. If you have the autopilot on when you're on the ground, it'll run your trim control for ailerons and tail control either way up or down. Believe me, if it does this, you are screwed!

All you have to do is turn on the Autothrottle.

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😀 The key command for reverse thrust is F2

I use a M/soft sidewinder and it has 7 buttons plus a trigger and a throttle
(4 buttons + throttle on the base 3 buttons + trigger on stick)
I have configured it in the settings of fs9 so I can add/retract flaps,start engine/s set spoilers on the base,and on the stick the trigger is used for brakes, one for changeing views,one for reverse thrust and the last one for tail hook(on some aircraft this will either open cargo doors or drop the landing lights down under the wing)

So have a look at your joystick and use the buttons 😀


Fire Emblem Master That's what I was talking about, the damn trim going haywire when I hit the toga switch. I'll try it with just the auto throttle. I still think you have to turn on the AP for it to work. I'll check it out.

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Nope, just engage the autothrottle switch

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Hey guys, that guest comment about the trim haywire was me Leadfoot. Anyway you were right. The autothrottle works all by itself. I guess even I still need to learn a few things from time to time. thanks.

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