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chris (rovie) Trainee

Can any one tell me how to install the downloaded planes in FS2002
I have downloaded a few planes but now I can't seem to install them
so I can at least try them Thank you Chris

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tomthetank Chief Captain

HI rovie
If your using Winzip, when aked if you want to unzip file to another file click yes
You should now be offered a window where you should see the contents of your computor ,click local disk (normally C)then scroll down to + and now scroll down to ms games click + again for 20002 now scroll down to the aircraft folder and click the folder then ok
Winzip should now unzip it to that file
You may have to use ms flight editor on some aircaft
There are other ways but try this first
Let us know how you get on

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Ken (WAKE-9) Trainee

Probably Beginners Non luck Crying or Very sad , but I still can't manage, just dragging the files into the Aircraft part of the FS 2002 Directory, but i can't select the aircraft from the window, and the panels never show up.

Would I have to unzip some of the zipped parts of the panels, etc. subfiles?


ps. How do I install scenery?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

I do it a more complicated way,but it works.
Make certain you have a plane not just textures.

Unzip the file and now it's in it's own little window, you work from there. Dump the jpgs.


dblc on "my computer"
dblc on the "C" drive icon.
dblc on "program files"
dblc on "Microsoft Games".
dblc on "Flight Simulator.

Now you have all the folders laid out in front of you.
Follow the directions in the read-me that came with the aircraft.
Put the gauges in the gauge folder.
Put the effects in the effects folder.
Put the aircraft in the aircraft folder, make certain it has the correct name of the plane.

Now go crash land like I do. 🙄

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macbobbs Trainee

I have always used Adit! Pro for installing Acft. and Scenery on FS2K2 and have found it to be absolutely fantastic.Just get the website from Google and d/load the latest version , cost about US$20 after d/loading and installing you are given an unlocking no. and away you go.

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