FS passengers gone mad?

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Hey everyone sorry if this has been asked before but here it goes, I had to stop playing fs9 for some time because time just didnt allow it, now that I have started playing it alot agin I am as mad as ever, I just compleated a flight from KSLC to KSEA in the level D 767, that and fly tampas seattle were my only addons. when I arrived there as many flights I landed perfictly, lol, I taxied off the runway and to gate A4, upon the flight report from fs passengers it said I rolled 39 feet beond the end of the runway, I was no where close to teh end of the runway, it also said i used reverse thrust below 60kts, i am not mad about that because thats a first and it may have happend. but I was no where near the end of the runway, why did it say i rolled off? any suggestions?


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The add-on scenery probably move the runway thats why FSPax who recognizes the defaults penaltize you 😀 😉
As far as about the Reverse Thrust you are not the only one that happens...
If you have your mind to stop IN the runway because ,for some reason you have left more than the half of it behind you without touchdown,you only care to stop and you miss some less important details(for the Virtual Pilot) 😉

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This happens to me ALL the time! I think I figured out what it is!! You turned OFF the runway ONTO the taxiway when you were going too fast (dumb rule, I know). It's odd because there are high speed turn-offs from some runways...

So, how I know this, because I monitored my passengers "fear" rating, and it didn't go up until the second I turned off the runway. I believe you can turn off that feature if you go into your fspassengers folder and open up some .cfg file. (using notepad)

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Brian B. (valcan222) Trainee

so how do I go about makeing it so that it dosent say that i run off the end of the runway.

MrSam Guest

simple: just slow down to 35 or below when turning off a runway.

MrSam Guest

OOPS... My mistake... upon further examination, I found out the problem is with add-on scenery. FSP doesn't detect add-on scenery very well, even though you landed on the runway, it thinks you landed off the runway. So, go into the FSP folder and turn off the "edge of the runway" penalty in the more_options.cfg file.

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I updated fly tampas ksea and it all works great now, I just made a nice flight from kslc to ksea in the level d 767 300 I got 200 points I made a nice landing. just wondering is there any way to get more that 200 points on a flight?

MrSam Guest

Hey man, did you do what I told you? Because you'll run into the problem time and time again if you don't change the settings as I advised in my previous post. You will eventually find an airport that gets cranky.

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