How do i change view in Fspassenger?

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Hey i downloaded FSpassenger last night just to get a feel for it so i know what to expect! Is there anyway i can look around the aircraft? or do i have to download all the insides and stuff like that?

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FSPassengers has nothing to do with views. 😉

In order to view the interior or exterior of your craft from different angles you have to use one of the followings ➡

F1View ,Active Camera,Walk & Follow.

F1View(freeware) ➡

Active Camera(payware) ➡

Walk & Follow (Payware) ➡

CaptainKW Guest

awwwww!!! heehehehe Greekman can u take alook at my other post about ap appr and stuff please if u havent already. need more info.

Thanks for that i feel embarrassed 😀 will download those soon

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Taylor First Officer

yea there arent really passengers on board they just act like there are

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