Flight 1 cessna

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im looking at two of the payware aircraft at flight 1. they are the Cessna 441, and the Cessna 441does anyone have these or know if they are any good. how big is their range? thanks

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i love that plane!!!!

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wich one???

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well the exterior model doesn't look anything special, but if it's like any other F! products then the panel and VC panel will be very very nice. it might not have the eye candy but it's probably great to fly.

Ted Komorowski Guest

Have had the Cessna 441 for several years. All ways loved it,  range is beyond /Further KSTL to KBOS. Flown this route several times.Think it would fly from KLAX to KDFW.  Above 26,000 ft    All of the piper PA -31, 32 , 42 , 44, will do the same.   Try them.  But handle differently

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