please help with no cd patch

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i know i have asked this before but to no avail. i have been told to copy and past the file to the fsp icon. i try this but it only opens the program. with the #4 cd out it just instructs to put the cd in. so somebody please tell me how to install this d-mn pathc.

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I'll get as insultingly basic as possible, ok. Don't take it as an insult.

Unzip the NO-CD, now it's in a temporary window.
It's a little airplane.
Go into the main (root) folder of FS9 and look for an identical small airplane (DC-3),
It should say "exe" after the name.
Drag and drop it on your desktop. don't click on it.
Now drag and drop the NO-CD one into the space left by the one you just removed.
That's it.

Take the old one, make a folder for it, name it and put it into My Documents for safe keeping.

Your off to the races.

Lat us know how you do.


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i removed the icon to the desktop,unzipped the patch and put it in the root folder. now when i click on the desktop icon it says "application failed to start because could not find msvcr70.dll reinstalling the applictation may help" I just CANNOT get this to work for me and it is really frustrating me. I understand the concept of what to do it just for some damn reason wont freaking work. Any more ideas? please help fix this annoying problem. everyone else in the whole world can do this but me.

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i would suggest not swaring here on this forum. there are kids that use this forum...dont be offended.

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I would say that the time has come for you to uninstall the sim, follow all the steps below.
Then reinstall it, be certain that it works then change to the no-cd.


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As far as I know there are two versions of the no CD patch

One for basic FS9 and the other for if you have updated it to 9.1

Might be an idea to check you are using the correct patch.

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