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Elkin Guest

Can someone help?

I installed a nice sound file in a 727. It is great! Only now, there is no engine start/shutdown sounds.
I looked in the snd.cfg and these sounds are not even in it.
Can I alias the default 737 start up/shutdown sounds? Or something like this? I tried to copy and paste the files and waves from the 737 to the 727 but nothing happened.

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tomthetank Chief Captain

If the sounds you added for the 727 are in a seperate folder ie with the aircraft,then you can copy the startup sounds from say a 737 and paste into the 727s sound folder

Hope it helps

Elkin Guest

I now have the startu/shutdown sounds, but no engine run sound!!!
Funny huh?
Something must be stepping on something else. any more advice?


Elkin Guest

Yeah, it imports the start/shutdown, but then the engine run sound is gone.
I tried it with the lear jet also.

Oh well, unless someone can come up with something, I will have to quit trying.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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