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Hi, I have an old Dell Dimension 8200, which has 256MB of RAM in it. I thought to my self, why waste the memory, when I can put in another one of my Dell computers. Here is the question:

Can I take the memory from my Dell Dimension 8200 and put it into my Dell Dimension 8300?

Shame to see the memory go to waste!

Thanks in advance for the help.

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Yes but you have to be very careful when you remove-plug hardware stuff.Unplug the main power cable after you do anything and BTW clean your system from dust...expecially the CPU's heatshink and the fans.

Have a look at your memories clock...If the newer one works in 400MHz clock and the other works in 333MHz you must know that your system is going to be trimmed by itself to 333MHz.

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Thank you for worrying Greekman. I will make sure I am safe.

I might ban myself from playing around with my PC (like overclocking.) It is too expensive if anything goes wrong. Banned

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