CPU or Video Card limited ? What to upgrade first?

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my current setup is working OK with FS2004 but could be faster. I ran FSX demo with high quality graphics and the framerate fell to 10-12fps.

Now I am wondering wether an upgrading the video card will help get more decent performance, or if I am limited by the CPU at this point.

If a video card upgrade can be performed for a reasonable cost (less than $140) I may go that route and extend the life of my system by an other year.

If not, I may just have to wait and get a build a new system next spring.
I typically run the screen at 1024x768 resolution.

Anyway, here are the system specs, let me know what you think:

CPU AMD Athlon XP 2800+
Memory 1GB DDR400 PC3200
Video Card ATI 9600XT (128MB)

The video card upgrade I am loking at could include:
- ATI 9800 Pro or XT
- Nvidia 6600GT
- ATI Radeon X1600 / X1650
- Nvidia 7600GS

Thank you,

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Hi Remyx,

I would not upgrade to a more powerful GFX card whilst retaining the same CPU for fear I might be creating a bottleneck - meaning that possibly my old CPU will not be able to do a more powerful GFX justice.

Instead, seeing that you're prepared to indulge in a new system in spring anyway, I would pick up another GB of RAM to make it a total of 2GB.
It should improve your FPS as well.

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Thanks, I thought about adding RAM too.

However on my current motherboard, I'd loose dual channel if I add one more memory module.

So I could add a 512MB for not too much money, loosing dual channel in the process.

Or I could replace my existing 2 x 512MB with 2 x 1GB. This would save dual channel, for about $300. I'd say it's too much for for this system (and for new memory that I couldn't reuse in a new system - DDR vs DDR2).

Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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If you don't plan to get Vista(Cause of DX10 which needs New GFX's technology) then go for a new card.You will notice differences in your system's perfromance.
Adding more RAM would help more.Nvidia 6600GT is a fine and value for money solution 😉

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Thanks for the input.

Since the last post, I actually got few things done.
- added 512MB, to reach 1.5GB total
- replaced 9600XT with 9800Pro
- overclocked CPU a bit more

I can't say adding RAM produce a noticeable difference. At least not in the FSX demo.
Then I put the new video card, with certainly improved FPS quite significantly.
I managed to squeeze an other 5% overclock, can't hurt either.

I think I'm done for now. This should help me for the next 6 to 10 months, then a new system will be in order, for Vista, DX10 and all the new stuff.

Thanks again for the info.

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Glad to hear you've got it sorted out. Looking forward to hear about your new system when the time comes. 😀

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Since the last post O got my hands on a new video card: Nvidia 7800GS.

Some I managed to review 3 video cards on my system.

CPU AMD Athlon XP 3000+
Memory 1.5GB DDR 400

Video Card 1: ATI Radeon 9600XT
Video Card 2: ATI Radeon 9800Pro
Video Card 3: Nvidia 7800GS

Running FSX in 1024x768x32, it became clear that CPU is the main limit in my system.
Going from the 9600XT to the 9800Pro, I saw a significant increase in fps (from 6-8 to 11-12). However the 7800GS, a much more powerful card, did not give me a better framerate. Still in the 11-14 range.

I was able to scale up the resolution, but the framerate remained under 15 no matter what.
This leads me to believe my system is CPU limited for FSX. I will be looking at a new system later in the year, waiting for Vista and Direct X 10 to materialize.


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