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Hi all!
I know such questions are very common the last months, but I would like your experience. SO, I have a P4 2.8Ghz 1Gb of Ram and the GF4 Ti4800SE grafics card (128mb) . So, I want to get ready for FSX. My first thought was a comlete pc upgrade, (new motherboard, duo cpu and pci express video card). But, as you know, we don't buy pcs every day, so such a movement would be quite expensive (>700euros).
So, today I made another decision, to buy an AGP video card for my ASUS P4PE motherboard, for example the Albatron 7600 GS 256 MB.
My question is whether you think this card would make significant difference in FSX and in final if it is worth buying it.


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Simply, the better the card the better the performance you'll have in flying.
Besides better graphics you will see an improvement in FPS.

Remember that Vista will have DirectX 10 and if you want to take advantage of that you'll need a card that's optimized for it.
They aren't out yet and I doubt that their will be an AGP version, probably just PCIe.
Just a guess.


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Greekman72 Chief Captain

In simple words ...Yes and go for it. 😉

Ifikratis1 Guest

I think I will buy the Gecube X1600PRO 512MB AGP, because I don' t have pci express slot. Does anyone has this card and tried it on fsx?

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