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ALoha All, I know that this may seem odd "but" I wish there was a way to combine FS9 with Tiger Woods PGA 04, I just got it, and I just love the way it plays. It would be great to fly to a Course and circle it before landing, and then go play a round and then go fly to the Next Course. (any programmers out there willing to try? I'll BETA test it) Hack Ric

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It's a nice game but...
Nice idea but I've been playing Links since 1996, it's ball physics are amazing. The demo is a very poor MS course not one of the over 1,000 free player made downloadable courses.
There is a scenery download of something like 100 golf courses for Australia somewhere. I doubt that they are very playable, but must look nice from the air.

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Yep - I'm Links 2003 fan too - I now have more courses than I have aircraft in FS9 ❗ ❗
I managed to get 2 DVD's with over 500 courses from Ebay for less than £5 ($7.50) although I am still searching for St. Andrews Old Course 🙄

I'm a bit dubious about flying to the courses - my landings would mean I turned up at the course with multiple injuries Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad

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