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glorious slice destroys airforce

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Rick Cato tells the story of Mathieu Boya. Boya was practicing his golf swing in a pasture adjacent to Africa’s Benin Air Base. With one swing of the golf club, Boya set off an unbelievable series of events. The shot, described as "a glorious slice," hit a bird, which in turn dropped onto the windshield of a trainer jet whose pilot was taxiing into position for take off. The pilot lost control of his plane and ploughed into four shiny Mirage jets, totally demolishing the entire air force of Benin. Boya was jailed immediately for "hooliganism," and his attorney said he had no chance of winning a trial. The country wanted Boya to pay $40 million to replace the jets. Since Boya made only $275 per year, he figured it would take 145,000 years to pay off his debt to society.

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That's awesome! Where'd you get that?

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I got it off PPRUNE.THe African forum.

Here's alink to their website:

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