Why do my flights take so long


I fly for a virtual airline, but on some of my longer flights I arrive at my destination much too late. One such example is a recent flight from Boston to Heathrow, which is supposed to take only 6.5h and it took me about 14h. I use the flight plaaner to find a route between the airports in the high altitude airways, IFR. The flight path went right back across Canada and then pretty much direct to Heathrow.

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😕You can alter the flight plan fs9 gives you
Set up as normal your start and finish points then look at the map to see if there is a better/shorter route(drag the red line to a new waypoint)
Delete any way points you dont want

There is a site where you can enter your start/finish points and it will give you a recognised commercial flight plan Umm... Ive lost it,but someone here may have the link.........Ill keep looking though

Hope it helps

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Very strange as I did a similar flight from JFK to Heathrow and FS gave a similar route back across Canada then onto Heathrow. In instances where it does this, I use the Direct GPS method while under IFR.

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😀 I found the link,but Crying or Very sad the site is down

just in case it comes back on soon ➡


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Always use GPS routing for transatlantic flights. The airlines do, because there's no VOR's out floating round the ocean as far as i know. Otherwise it'll route you to the nearest VOR's, which usually puts you up north to intersect with one that will lead to, say, Heathrow.


OK thanks. It's just i thought the airlines always used High Altitude Airways

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