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Flamin_Squirrel Guest

Hi there,

I'm wondering if anyone can tell me if it's possible to mod fs2004 so that runway lighting is on all the time?


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PIC1stOfficer First Officer

That would take some doing I bet. Wonder if you would be able to even see it in the day light.
If you do it, let us know if you can see it and what it's like. 🙂

Flamin_Squirrel Guest

I'm pretty sure real airports have them on all the time.

Anyway, in fs2004, the lights do come on during the day in very bad visability. I just want them on all the time. I'm hoping it can be done with a simple variable change!

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Dan Young (dannyboy2005) First Officer

i wouldn't know where to start looking to change the configeration!

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