Airbus A-380 Deep freeze Testing (yoyoman)

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yoyoman Trainee

Dear Fly Away Simulation members,

It has been a while I visited you : That was back in June. I hope you are doing fine and that you had a nice summer period 😀

Perhaps I can suggest you a little break before you take off again with your plane because I made a new Aviation Music track !

In February 2006 The Airbus A-380 has been tested in very cold weather conditions in northern Canada near the polar circle (Iqaluit) and this inspired me to compose a new track about it in my series of Aviation Music.

To visit my website and listen to "Airbus A-380 Deep Freeze Testing", just click on the banner below !

I don't visit you regularly but it's always a great pleasure to meet you here. I would definitely be more around if I would practise Flight Simulations as you do ... In the past I played with FS regularly and I found it fantastic even if the graphics were much poorer than today and there was also no air traffic radio. Now I believe you are talking to ground and tower too. Flight simulators became so powerful that also student pilots use it as an additional exercise. I'm thinking of my neighbour, for instance !

I can't afford it : To compose already takes much of my time and I've a rather busy life here in Belgium ...

So we don't have much in common regarding FS but all of us, we like planes !!!

Back to my track : Enjoy "Airbus A-380 Deep Freeze Testing" 😉

Kind regards from Belgium,


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hms_endeavour Chief Captain

WOW! Finally you're back again!!! Thanks alot from that song, I'm really cold now!Music is great, Thanks alot again! 😀 😀 😀 I can really imagin the A380 in some freezing weather, on a runway at dawn, 10° flaps, and full throttle! Bow Down Bow Down Bow Down Punk 👍 👍 👍 🙂) Group Wave Group Wave Group Wave

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Welcome back, it has been a long time.
Your music is beautiful as always, I'll come back to this link later in the day when I can listen to more and more.

Think about the new flight sim, FSX it's not "officaily" out on the market yet but many of us here in the US have found it on the shelves of some stores.
Yes it does take a "super" computer, we're all talking about upgrades and new ones.

Stop by more often, you redid your website and I find it much more attractive.


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liam (Liono) Chief Captain

Dear Yoyoman,

I found that track awesome & brilliant. Your music ability is better then my flying skills and I envy you.

I too love music and listening to that track over and over really had a cold effect on me. I could imagine a very cold place I and thank you.

When are you going to release that music CD you mention when you were last on here?

Keep up the good work and waiting with bated breath for your next master piece.

Keep that inspiring mind going and see you soon.


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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

Welcome back Yoyoman!! 👍

What a great music you created once again! I am impressed. 😀

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hms_endeavour Chief Captain

Yoyoman, could I make a video for this with your music? unless you're already making one, it would be my pleasure.

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yoyoman Trainee

There we are,

My friends Hms_Endeavour, RadarMan, Liono and Agus0404 😀

Well, I will answer you one by one :

@ hms_endeavour,

Yes, I'm back and each time I do I am amazed by the enthousiasm of all of you. You are always full of life and you give the feeling that you are just smiling towards life and confident in the future 😀
Don't change, remain as you are and you will be ok !!!
It's like a big party here when I come and say hello with all those smileys jumping in a row 😉

So, you do like my track that much that you would even compose a video about it ? I'm flattered Embarassed

However may I suggest not to start that behind my back ? The reason why I'm asking you this is because perhaps this tracks seems to be very good when I read the comments everywhere (including constructive criticism at times which is VERY welcome) ... But perhaps I might work more on this track and make it a little bit longer ... You get the idea ? Let us suppose that you started a project but next month I made this track slightly better ? I'm not sure but this may happen. So tell me if it's ok for you to wait a little more ? Perhaps send me a private message and I will give you my private mail in return so that we can get in touch more easily ! If I change things to this track I do it in a safe way : I keep SAFELY present files because I'm a human with human errors and I might think I made the track better while I made it worse 😂

@ RadarMan : I will do my best to stop by more often. At present time I have only been here to announce new tracks and this gives me the feeling that I'm not enough involved. I am aware that even if I have no flightsim installed there must be plenty great info around here and of course nice chats ! Thanks for your nice comments, RadarMan and it's good to talk to you again 😎

@ Liono : Good to to see you back 😀

You said :

Your music ability is better then my flying skills and I envy you

My answer is that reading such comments is so great. I don't think I told this before to any of you but with EVERY track I have produced I always had periods of lack of self-confidence. At the beginning it was the worst, because I just thought : "I can't do it but I've nothing to loose, let's try !"
I had this horrible "white page syndrom" for my first 3 tracks. Now things have changed : I gained a lot more self-confidence in what I'm doing but I remain humble : It's only because of hard work that I am able to avoid stagnating and move forward. Often I have self-doubts and I don't like that at all but I have no other option but to put this feeling aside and just compose ! in July and August I spent time with self-studying the principles of the orchestra and this allowed me to produce this "Airbus" track as it sounds now. But I still need to progress, every day, and with every track !

My compilation CD should be ready before December if everything goes as planned. The sounds will be improved. I will also track unnoticed structural errors. What I like in this compilation CD idea is that it nicely shows how my music is changing in time. I don't have a track I prefer more than another track because all of them are telling something different ... That CD will be almost 1 hour but if I can make it, well, I just will add an 11th track : I don't need to look for the title or story : that is already clearly in my mind !

thanks for your great comments, you guys make my day ! By the way : I'm sure Liono that you are a great pilot ! Seems logical : If you are around here every time, how many hours have you been flying ???

@Agus 0404 : Also great to see you back here !
I wanted this track to sound impressive because I'm not describing a glider ! that was a part of the challenge. From a technical point of view this is my most complex track and it beats every track I have made in complexity. It's definitely not my favourite track, but I would say it's aligned with the rest and it's telling another Aviation Music story 😎

Thanks to all of you, once again, you are great !


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Greekman72 Chief Captain

I know im delayed...But cant leave your EXCELLENT work without put my humble....WOOOOOOW ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗

You are more than a great talent and each time you visiting us we all know that you have done another masterpiece...Bravo ❗ ❗ ❗

I want your CD.

Congratulations ❗

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hms_endeavour Chief Captain

Greekman resumes our comments 😂 😀 😂
Yeah sure I can wait. To tell the truth i didn't start yet, and I can wait as long as you want. 😉

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yoyoman Trainee

@ Greekman72 : Thanks for your nice comments Greekman72, I'm flattered Embarassed
It's also good to see you back here 😀

@ hms_endeavour : I needed to take some distance from my track : When you have heard your track 300 times during the productions things are not clear anymore in your head as they should.

What is even more strange is that when you do compose non-stop during some 4 to 5 hours you even start to hear weird sounds and then you have to STOP because you have no choice ! I think you may compare it with this : When in darkness in your bed you watch a little glowing lamp somewhere and you keep your eyes open without blinking the image of that lamp might start to vibrate and to change while in real it doesn't ...

I'm off-topic now : What I meant to say is that I could have a safe distance from my track now, and relying on my own judgement and reviews of other composers and people such as you that track won't be changed anymore, which means : Start that video whenever you want, hms_endeavour 😉
For further questions, please mail me in private ...

Have a nice Sunday my friends or a nice week if you would read me on Monday,


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hms_endeavour Chief Captain

Check. I'll do my best. 😉

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