Problem after installation of Project Airbus Qantas 380 view

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Problem after installation of Project Airbus Qantas 380. The download and installation in the indicated FSX folder went w/o problem. The Fuselage and cockpit doesn't not show up in Virtual Cockpit Panel. The wings and engines show but not the fuselage itself. The flaps and ailerons on the wings work with the joystick. Panning outside shows the wings but no fuselage. The cockpit view using the 2D panel displays OK. Wonder what I'm doing wrong. My other Aerosoft Airbus models don't have this problem.

Any assistance would be most appreciated.

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I think it may be too graphic intensive for your video card.
The easiest way to tell is to lower or turn off, autogen, shadows, AI and clouds.
The Sim will look terrible but if the aircraft looks fine then you know it's your card.
You can then start moving the slides a bit at a time until all is OK or buy a better card.

Let us know how you do.


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Thank you very much for the reply and suggestion. I will try that. I did purchase a new 2 Gb NVidia card which seems to work fine with my other aircraft. Prior to that I used to get FSX "crashes" frequently and now very seldom but I will try your ideas.

Thanks again.

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