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Hi all,

How long does Beta testing on products last? I thought it'd be around 3 weeks to just test the product and fix small problems but the PMDG 747 has been in beta testing for over a month now 😕

Thanks in advance 😉

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Well I've been waiting for it also. With the most detailed FS addon product being tested it shouldn't be longer. Now with all the new updated and the manual being released. its should be very soon. But the production for it started back in 2003. Just think what some people have been going through to get this product.

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The length of time for Beta testing is dependant upon the size of the program, number and type of problems found, time to correct the problems and then to retest it. I have found that in many cases the test staff will have some problems with the programming staff, and that can really extend test time. Hopefully, it will be out soon.

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Thanks guys 😀

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

By the way, the release of the manual does not indicate the release is near. Keep in mind, LDS had their 767 manual on their site for well over a month before releasing their craft!

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Jared Captain

Yes, true, but for the most detailed FS add-on, I could see it a month or so. Its already been in Beta for about a month and a half. But it will definantly be worth the wait and money to get the Queen. Which also will be the best FS add-on EVER.

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