rydog Guest

I can not seem to get my microphone working in multiplayer FSX. I can hear everyone fine but can not send outgoing messages. Can anyone give me some help. Thanks

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Matthew Shope (mypilot) Chief Captain

Lucky, i havn't gotten my FSX yet,

I can't help much but, Check and see if your mic is working with other programs first.

jack jackson Guest

I have the EXACT same issue - I can't for the life of me get the microphone to work with MS FSX - can hear others fine. Windows confirms the mic is working, I can record, I can talk on the internet using Sightspeed. Just simply cannot get the mic to work with the sim.

I'll keep trying and post if I find a fix.

AMD processor. You too?


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snurckle Trainee

check your multiplayer setting and ensure that the communications is turned on...there's a clicky box for it...in the Settings tab.

Also, check to make sure port 3783 is open...it is the voice chat port.

jack jackson Guest

Thank you for your help. I have confirmed that the communications is active in the settings tab.

How do I check that the port 3783 is open? Is there something in windows to do this? Freeware?

Thanks again,

running Guest

I noticed that I can't talk when the chat window is open.
pressing caps button in that case just makes me talk in upper case (cruise control for coolness.)

Even though I now know this I still mess this up all the time and then wonder why nobody is responding to me. And ofcourse if voice communication seems to fail, you ofcourse go to the chat window and try to talk there, making the problem of voice communication not working worse.

El_Al935ST Guest

This is what happened with me and I got mine working.

You should have a speaker icon on the bottom right hand corner of your screen. Double click on it and a dialog box will come up.

In the top left hand corner, click on options, and then properties. A checklist will appear. Now, if your microphone is installed and enabled, on the checklist will have the microphone unticked. Tick this box and close the properties box. Now, in one of the columns, your microphone column should appear there, so, ajust the volume to what you want it to be.
That should do it. If the problem still persists then caps lock will start your voice transmission but then it is ^CAPSLOCK to close. Now that is not SHIFT+6 and then CAPSLOCK, but it is CTRL+CAPSLOCK. That should solve the problem. If not, check that your microphone has been installed.

Good luck!

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Murfi First Officer

Hold caps to talk on your frequency and shift and caps so everyone can hear no matter what frequency.

saint4 Guest

Without Chat window open - press and hold capslock
all freq - shift+capslock

with chat window open - CLick on the screen that other members text is displayed, so that where you type is not selected (blue border means active window) then capslock or shift+capslock (holding it down)

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rossi85 Trainee

i also had this problem and all it was is that in the sound properties i had a tick in the mute box .

Jack Jackson Guest

Thank you to all. I didnt realize you had to use the CAPS LOCK key to activate the Mic

Really appreciate it.


CDBpulino Guest

Hey all,
Im having another problem with my Mic in FSX(;ultiplayer)
sometimes it works and someother time, it doesnt work,
apparently when it doesnt work ,the other palyers can Hear me just fine when i press capslock but for my self, i cant hear them back...beside, my Mic is working just fine with other applications....need some help,:S

omarbadr Guest

Guyz I have the same problem i can hear but i cant talk, i press caps lock and the thing just like refreshes and nothing happens, my mike is workin, voice communication is on everything, anyhelp ?


Hey guys. I was having this exact same problem, but I think I have found the cure. Before, I was using an integrated sound card that came with my pc, but then I switched to a SoundBlaster Live! 24-Bit and now voice-comm works flawless everytime. The card's only about $25 so it's worth a try for ya. Good luck.



have you checked in the volume control and activated the mic

coltonak Guest

How do i use the chat window, how do i get it open?

I have a mic, not a heaD set, but i cannot seem to get it to work, i did all the things allready posted on here, but cannot seem to make it work.

Can anyone help me

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Lalith Trainee

Hi guys i got the same problem u all said.. i cant get anyones voice... smetime i get.. my mic is workin fine wit other applications .. n i hear other voice wen im in briefin room of the session.. i dont knw y ths happens .. . sme time it works once.. in game i can hear ... wen i sopke in mic the guy can hear me once aftr tat it went like b4.. if anyof u guys have a cure to this pls send me

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Ryan (737FLIER) First Officer

Did you make sure you held the right keys down.

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samuel010 Trainee

Hi all, Where can we check if our Ports are Open or Closed?


usb webcam with microfon, works with ALL other applications. but not with fsx, i´ve done all what heres in the topic need help

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Rodney Jacobs (GundamWZero) Captain

GUEST wrote:

usb webcam with microfon, works with ALL other applications. but not with fsx, i´ve done all what heres in the topic need help

Don't use a webcam/mic setup.... FSX looks for the microphone through the computers sound card, not the webcam.

Buy a stand alone microphone.

javelindrummer Guest

I only have a screen mic used for Skype and stuff. Is there any way i can use that in FSX multiplayer?

tango whisky Guest

help ime on windows 7 and i dont know wat to do plz help

dude8u Guest

😞 yeah im havin problem my mic works fine in recording but not fsx
can anyone help ❓ Crying or Very sad 😞 😞

JetblueCapt25 Guest

you have to press caps lock when you are in the plane or shift+cap lock for all transmissions

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