blackbird no gear

meylan Guest

hi, ive downloaded the sr7qa blackbird from here

installed it then went fly it but upon selecting the aircraft an error message said FS9 HAS DETECTED IMCOMPATIBLE SOFTWARE THAT MAY MAKE FS9 UNSTABLE , WOULD YOU LIKE FS9 TO DESABLE THE SOFTWARE.
i selected yes (i wish i didn't).
the aircraft loaded without landing gear.
i've reinstalled the aircraft numurous times but i don't get the error message anymore (so i can select no) it just loads up without landing gear.
i've even tried re downloading.
please help .thanks

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Strange, it's a 2004 it should be ok.
Try downloading it from here.

Here is the only other I can find and it's a pay.


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Mitchell Delaney (minicaptain) Trainee

i had the same problem with you but with a dif plane, you can go into the aircraft.cfg file and im not sure what but you can change something in there to fix it, sorry i couldnt help anymore, maybe someone else will know more 😉

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Tailhook Chief Captain

The error message(s) you get when loading this aircraft is normal. It could be caused by a gauge or a missing .cfg entry. Regarding the landing gear, others have had the same problem with this particular file/download.
Out of curiosity I just revisited and installed it. Frankly, IMO this file should not be in a library. It has been "assembled" and promises

Full moving parts. Lights. Rotating front gear. Excellent behavior at Mach 3. Very easy to fly and land.

according to the file description. What?
Further it claims to be the work of David Bushell, which I doubt. It seems to me that the bits and pieces where just thrown together and uploaded.

It's a dud, not worth the trouble. Hack Wall Bashing


meylan Guest

sorry i couldn't get back everyone yesterday been putting ome laminate down . i'll try the download that radarman suggests and let you know how i get on . cheers

meylan Guest

ok i've tried the other download and the promblem persists i think i'll cut my loses (time wise ). thanks to everyone for your help . cheers

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Tailhook Chief Captain

If you look at the file descriptions and the download size and my mentioning David Bushell you see that your download from wspilots and Radarman's from simvation are the same file.

meylan Guest

i just thought i'd give it a chance as it only takes 5 minutes to download and install . thanks again

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Tailhook Chief Captain

Well, if you find the wheels, let us know 😉

meylan Guest

Will do 🙂

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