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Why does my FSX work well in Full screen mode? The plane and the airport have no textures. and the ground sceneries are also much worse than in Windowed mode.

What is teh problem? and what can I do to solve it?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Give us your system specs. It's most likely that yourcomputer or parts of it aren't up to rendering FSX. It's very graphic intensive.
You may have to update your drivers or get a new video card.

Lets see.


media_pdc Guest

3Ghz pentium4 HD
512MB DDR will upgrade to 2,5GB DDR next week
128MB DDR SDRAM with 256Bit Memory Interface (Ati Radeon 9800XL)

Want to upgrade my graphic card. But just a Directx10 card, so I have to wait for it and Windows vista Sad

media_pdc Guest

Please tell me whats wrong!

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Low memory,plain and simple
You should see a vast improvement next week 😉

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