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May 9 ,1987 – LOT Flight 5055,Warsaw-New York, an Ilyushin Il-62, crashed near Warsaw, Poland, after an engine fire. All 183 people on board died.

The scene was attended by American and Polish experts. American experts performed identification basing on dental records, while Polish experts used the method of comparison of ears, which, at that time was a novel technique.

Those anyone konws about this crash?

My grandfather was on that plane.
The planes was about 8 Km from Okecie airport (Warsaw) and was ready to perform emergancy landing ..... It did not make it. The engine failure happend 1 hour after take off.

Some pics:

and the plane few months before crash:

It was not the only 1 plane that LOT lost,in 1982 another LOT IL-62M crashed while performing landing


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Very sorry to hear about the loss 😞

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Hello UG_PL,
Here's the entry of that accident on ASN:



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