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WantFSX Guest

Ok, My computer is a very nice one but when I enable the road vehicles, they drive perfectly and then stop, then go again for about 10sec, then stop. Anyone have a solution to this? Thanks for looking!

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

Although I had to back other settings down to use the road traffic, mine ran very nicely. You might want to see if backing down some settings helps.

LawrenceH Guest

My traffic seems to be running fine, I have set the traffic to very dense. The only problem I have come across is the ground speed of the cars and lorries!! seemed to match the landing speed of my 737 coming into Heathrow. Either I had stalled and didn't know it or all the cars on the M4 were travelling at 190MPH!!!

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Canyon (NoWorries) First Officer

LawrenceH wrote:

Either I had stalled and didn't know it or all the cars on the M4 were travelling at 190MPH!!!

I'd believe it if it were the A1(M) or M74!

Lawrenceh Guest

Have to send bill gates a few pics of the M25 car park. In all seriousness dynamic traffic and shipping is a great feature. Looks cool at night when your waiting on the apron and traffic is wizzing passed. Wonder how long it will take for different cars to be created?

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