Ground vehicles ?


I see there are lots of ground vehicles in the FSX folder.
I have never seen them come out (except the fuel truck).

How many ground vehicles have you seen ?

is there anyways to call them out one by one ?

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Jim (jellrod) First Officer

I don't know how to "call" them, but when I open the cargo doors, the two baggage trucks come. On push back, the push back truck connects and then pushes back and releases. I have seen other trucks driving around the airport etc.

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Stevie (moore) Trainee

You are able to call on the Fuel truck, others come for commands like the pushback.

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ken (kennwaskiewicz) Trainee

if u want the cargo veicals to come on your plane u park at the gate shut engin off (ctrl shift f1) and open the cargo doors and the main door at the same time so like press shift e then right after hit 1234 once again shift e relese then real quick 1234 if ur in a jet shift p for push back

sorry for my miss spelled words im only 12 O and ctrl j for gate 😀 😛 😳 😎 😞

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Orion (ollyau) First Officer

You can get the jetway to come if you park well enough (on the yellow line). You press Ctrl-J to get the jetway. I think it only works on the commercial jets (Boeing 747-400, Boeing 737-800, and the Airbus A321). You can get the baggage trucks by opening the doors (Shift-E) and quickly releasing Shift-E and then quickly press 2 so it is (Shift-E 2). You can get the fuel truck by pressing Shift-F. And you can ge the pushback truck by pressing Shift-P. The pushback truck will only come if you are near the zone it will pushback in (near the yellow line) and only if there is one at the gate or parking spot. For the jetways you need to have "Advanced Animations" on. And most all the other vehicles at the airport will not interact with your airplane. They just drive around and make it seem more real which it does, but it would be better if you could call the food truck and have an animated person that would fuel your airplane up and other nice features like that.

Hope this helps



I took a look at the simobjects/groundvehicles folder and the ground vehicles are: Baggage loader, baggage truck, baggage tractor, catering truck, forklift, snowplow, fuel truck, asian pickup, some Minis, European terminal buses (red, white), tractor cab, flatbed truck, safari truck, and some double-decker buses. I'm guessing you'll see the snowplows if you set 'airport vehicle density' to 'maximum' and if it snows heavily at a major airport.

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AirbusDown Trainee

Orion- Thank you so much for that post, i never knew how to get those baggage doors open at the gates, I always hel Shift-E-2 with all puched down at once, and the main exit would open/close and my radio panel would open/close too since theres 2 commands there, i didnt know you had to hit it quickly after the Shift-E and then 2, thank alot.

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