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Here's a challenge for you to consider, that I'm currently doing :


What I'm talking about is not periodically saving every flight that you fly just in case you crash Evil or Very Mad

I do this too much.. even though I don't crash that often but when you think about it, it's not very realistic 'saving' the simulation 5 times during every approach (and real world pilot's don't get this option!) 😀

So next time you get into one of the Planes that your confident in, try flying a decent sized route without using SAVE as a back-up....

I'm now trying to avoid using SAVE FLIGHT, except when time runs out (when the missus drags me away from the screen) Crying or Very sad and I'm needing to save the flight to resume at a later date.

Does anyone else do this for realism, or are we all too scared (or sensible?!) ❓

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What 'Save Flight' button?? 😳 *looks under the dash* Wall Bashing

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You can save a flight at any stage by pressing the ; (semicolon) key on your keyboard or by pressing ALT, then selecting FLIGHT, SAVE FLIGHT on the menu bar.

Flights are retrieved by clicking on SELECT A FLIGHT, and choosing the "MY SAVED FLIGHTS" folder on the FS Front page.

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It never accoured to me to save the flight in case I crash. Baby
I am sure you will enjoy flying much more with the added risk factor. 🍅
just kidding man

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I think the constant saving of games is an ingrained habit for gamers who play runnin'-n-gunnin' games. You just know you're gonna get killed the first twenty times you run into that dark room full of enemy marines/black-ops/green monsters, and you can't possibly replay the game from the beginning every time you die. It would take years!

In the flight sim, I usually only save flights when I'm on the ground with the engines off. On an extended trip, it just saves time to leave the plane there, fueled, the flaps all trimmed up the way I like, the GPS display sized and positioned where I like it, all ready to continue the trip.

Besides, I haven't actually crashed for a while. Not since the last time I tried to land a helicopter, I think. 🙄

Last night I left the LearJet in Dakar, Senegal, ready to continue the African tour today.


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The-GPS-Kid wrote:

Here's a challenge for you to consider, that I'm currently doing :


Never even thought about it. The only time I save is when I'm on a long flight and run out of time.

I seldom crash, but if I do I can walk a way from it. That's all that counts. 🙂

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The only time I can see saving a game is when guests come over, if I had to leave the game for some reason, or if I am on a long flight but in that case I have been just landing and resuming from that location. But some areas just are too sparce of airports to do that and the save would have been a big help. These last two weeks it would have come in handy for the Olympics.

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