Ground School Crash!

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In FS2004 I had completed about half of the Ground School Course. Having Purchased FSX, I decided to do a refresh.

However on Lesson 3, Climbs and Decents, Following the instructions results at one point Rod "taking the airplane" and flying into a mountain.

I dont remember FS2004 having such a mountainous terrain in the same lesson.

Is it me or is it an oversight of Microsoft. ie has anyone managed to complete the lesson?


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It is an oversight by MS.

They have used the EXACT same lesson set as was in FS9.

The area that the lessons are in has had it's scenery improved, so therefore has more mountains etc, so I guess they just plain didn't take into acount the route that the lessons take! 🙄

stieper Guest

Is it possible to change the scenery in the "lesson 3" - so that the mountains wont be in the way?

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