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Okay, I live directly under the flight path for KBOS when using the runways 22L/4R and 22R/4L. I always see the heavies come over my house from all over. Air France operates routes to Boston. Now today I saw an Air France Boeing 747 come over my house. To me that is very unusual for 2 reasons. 1 the aircraft is usually an airbus A340-300 and 2 I thought they phased out the 747. Any comments?
How is FSX I am getting it for christmas!

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How are we supposed to know for sure? I guess call up Air France and ask them what the hell they are thinking.

Air France still operates with 23 747's. 2 743's and then 21 744's. Which is more then the 20 A340's that they operate so its perfectly reasonable that they would use it.

Btw I'm guessing this was the flight.

The last 3 days they have been using the 744's on that route for some reason.

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