autopilot and engine use in the following A300

crosscheck9 Guest

I downloaded the a300 air inter and air france by benoit gaurant found here... (last download) but I dont know how to start the engines and use the autopilot manually. Its alot more complicated than anyother download. can someoone help me out please.

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

I'm just downloading it, and then I'll have a look.......

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

I had a look, and the engines weren't started. I tried starting them using the panel, but couldn't. I then pressed CNTRL + E, but it said I don't have any fuel. I went to the fuel settings and added 100% to all tanks and it still said I have no fuel. Don't know if anyone else found this. 😕 I think it may have a few bugs in it. 😞

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PH First Officer

Fuel pumps on?? 😕

spuddi Guest

If its like the real thing. You probably have to switch on the APU first to get yourself some power?

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horrgakx First Officer

I have the A340 Professional Pack from JustFlight. It's completely amazing, better than the 737NG pack. Anyway, it's a VERY good and accurate simulation of the Airbus and there's no bugs. I'd recommend it.

PM me if interested.


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