FS2002 doesn't recognize Adobe Reader 7.0.8

Compass Rose Guest

Once upon a time, I had Adobe Reader 5.0 installed and FS2002 had no problem opening Rob Machado's Ground School Handbook.

However, when I upgraded to Adobe Reader 7.0.8, I now get the following msg when I try to open the handbook ....
"You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to read this Handbook. Please install Acrobat Reader and restart Flight Simulator 2002."

So, how do I get FS2002 to recognize Adobe Reader 7.0.8 that IS INSTALLED on my hard drive ....


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RadarMan Chief Captain

Download the old one also and hope they don't cross each other.


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Tailhook Chief Captain

I concur with Radarman. Had problems with the new Readers in the past. When due to automatic updates you are prompted to update to newer versions, ignore everything except the Reader itself. I've had version 7.0 for many months now and won't upgrade or install any other rubbish they're trying to push. Version 7.0 plain and simple works just fine.

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