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I have the "ProSim" package (peddals & yoke) from CH products. What a whole new world in FS2004 with this stuff!

I noticed that the PROP controll seems to fall short of the necessary "travel" to increase RPM to the FULL or HIGH RPM level. All other controlls like the THROT & MIX seem to work normally. I've played with the gain and sensitivity settings in the software for the yoke etc. I cant seem to get that last inch or so of necessary travel for some reason. I can increase RPM to a point and then have to use the keyboard to complete the action. Seems a bit "cheesey" for a product thats supposed to do it the right way in the first place.

Has anyone else encountered this or is there a "secret" to this little mystery


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Increase the PROP sensitivity to maximum and the Null zone to minimum, these features are within the advanced settings.

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Happy to report I "fixed" the problem. Thanks to your pointing out the adjustment in the advanced settings. For some reason I did'nt realize I had sensitivity settings for the PROP controll as with the THROT controll. Guess I was so frantic trying to fix it that I over looked the obvious!

Now I have full controll of the power plant 😀


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