scenery error

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I have had flight sim 2004 now for 3 months, and i decided to reinstall it on my computer..... it worked before! but now it installs and it comes up, when its at 92% about error with scenery....and that it has encouted a disk error. this is really annoying ...... it installs but i have no world scenery or textures ..... all i have is the airports....and as soon as i leave the airport boundaries, its all white......the airports are all fine, there is just zero scenery....there is still sky and clouds, and the weather all still works, snow, rain ect.... just nooooooo ground....

I have tried installing it on other computers and the same happens. it worked all those times before and it has just been in the case on the shelf!

How can it have encouted such an error just sitting there?

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