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Not sure if this has already been posted Dont Know but thought I'd post it anyway. 😉 .

For all users having problems with the performance in new Flight Simulator X we can recommend the FSX Tweak Guide published by Greg Germanowski.
Important: Please note the disclaimer of this document and "tweak" your FSX with all necessary care! Aerosoft is not responsible for the content of this document and offers no support to questions related to it.

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Haven't seen it before (or maybe i forgot it Embarassed )but anyway its the most detailed i have seen until now. Good find.

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Thanks Wing-man, each snippet of info is valuable at this stage Read

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Setting FPS target to unlimted certainly helped me out. I had it set to 20 previously and was getting some poor poor results.

Must be some kind of bug because locking FPS is supposed to improve visual was actually hindering me!

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Great info and pointers.... 👍

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Gonna try this right away, thanks mate! 😀

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NSX wrote:

Gonna try this right away, thanks mate! 😀

First of all, sorry for double posting Embarassed but this thing really helped me.

I run at a system way below usefull for FSX:
AMD Athlon 2.1Ghz
512 MB's of RAM
nVidia GeForce 4 MX 440 128 MB's

So when I got the new sim, I was dis-appointed at performance like any other would be with a simulair system. I started lowering setting's just to make it run better, but it only resulted in more dis-appointment.

Then I downloaded the newest driver for my vid card which had a 3D setting for FSX, I know what your thinking but it's a start... 😉

After reading this guide, I realised I was lowering all the wrong setting's and tried to hang on to memory and CPU eating features 😞
I had crappy graphics and very low FPS, not that I'm saying FSX is bad, it's my system.

Then I readed this guide and readed it well I started tweaking every setting, all the memory and CPU eating things out and thing that don't eat that much in.
The end result is: Pretty good graphics and a very smooth frame rate 😀

I'm very pleased with the result it had for me, but I must add that's just my personal experience.

Cheers, NSX

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