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I downloaded FSX Demo and being fully aware it is only a demo and will not operate as the full version will when released I spent the time segments looking at the various details and maybe ace studios might tweak hear and there. please dont suggest moving vehicles for heavens sake.
Crying or Very sad Gripe 1 - The apron and runway grass looks like someone has clumsily cut out the grass from green wallpaper and just as clumsily stuck it down on the tarmac. flat and without depth. Tweak please.
Crying or Very sad Gripe 2 - The airport buildings such as hangers and buildings still have out of focus bitmaps pasted on them. flat and without depth. Tweak please.
😀 Praise 1 - The slew commands on FSX work much better than FS9: much more stable
😀 Praise 2 - I think the FSX demo is great so the full version should be ??

Others may have the odd gripe or praise as they play with the demo. I hope so and with a bit of feedback and extra tweaking by aces studios before release may make FSX go from WOW!! to BRILLIANT and WOW!!

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I don't think you saw the option, you can have moving vehicles, they scurry around like a bunch of ants.

This is just a beta demo so if you check out some of the "official" screenshots I think you'll be much more impressed with the graphics.

Don't forget any screenshots you see, even if they are from MS haven't been shot with DirectX 10 because the video cards aren't out yet.
They may not be ready for sale until the end of the year, DX 10 will be packaged with WVista, for a January release.


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