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I design professional tours for VA's, Networks, and anything else for virtual aviation. I can design VFR, IFR, Military, World Tours, Domestic, Regional, Anything you can think of for tours I can do it for you. Contact me at if you want a tour to be designed for free! Thanks!

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Wow, that's a great service to offer for free....!

Here's a challenge for you.... yesterday I flew an Airbus A340 from London Gatwick (EGKK), over to Toronto Pearson (CYYZ).... This was my first trans-atlantic flight using proper flight planning, and the A340's FMC...

However, within the FS2004 Flight Planner, when I entered my route in, and requested High Altitude Airways, the flight planner suggested a CRAZY route that involved flying from the UK, over the Atlantic (fine so far) , but then way over Northern Canada to ALASKA, before travsersing back over to the East Coast, and Toronto...

I didn't think my passengers would be happy with the 6 hour flight extension, so I created a Series of separate High Altitude Airway routes, and flew them in sequence (re-programming the FMC when I reached each serial end point)... These series were:-

Gatwick - Connaught (Ireland)
Connaught - Moncton (Nova Scotia, Canada) [this section on GPS Direct]
Moncton - Toronto [Back on High Altitude Airways]..

Is there a better way to plan a trans-Atlantic flight, where no direct High Altitude Airways exist ?

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