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Help. I have looked at all posts regarding this check ride. All ideas come from pre fsx and are helpful to a point. I just don't get what I'm doing wrong. I pass parkk, turn to the 160, get the message enter holding pattern at 140 intercept. I just lose it from there. If Im heading 160, and turn to 140 when I intercept the needle, do I just fly 140 for a minute or so? Or do I need to make a radical turn back to the 326, pass Sea, turn again to 140 for another minute?

I'm missing something here...just not sure what.

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hmm...I see a few have looked at this cry for help, yet no one has an answer? Help!

gocubsgo08 Guest

I'm having the same problem. I fly 160 heading until I intercept the 140 degree course inbound to KSEA. After I pass the VOR, I make a standard right turn to 320. At this point I would think I would fly for 1 minute and turn back to 140 inbound, but all I get is "You did not enter the holding pattern correctly" and I fail the checkride.

To add to it, I made a complete "racetrack" before, but I failed because I didn't turn for a second time around (I think). This was maybe the third or fourth time I got to that point - I've tried it probably about 20 times. Now I can't complete the first racetrack.

Any suggestions?

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I don't know if this will help, I don't have FSX. 🙂

How to fly holding patterns

gocubsgo08 Guest

Good stuff - thanks. In FSX, the examiner asks you to hold at a VOR on the 140 degree radial. I thought that meant 140 degree course inbound, but it really means 320 degree course inbound. I had it backwards.

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Radials radiate outward from the VOR. I don't blame people for getting confused over this, as I have done so myself.

gocubsgo08 Guest

I've tried what I thought was the correct entry and still no luck.

At PARKK outer marker, the examiner says to turn left to 160 and climb to 3000 ft. I begin my climb, and when I hit 160 degree heading she says "Head directly to the Seattle VOR and enter a hold on the 140 degree radial." So I tune the OBS until it is centered which is between 150 and 155, depending on how fast I tune it.

I maintain that course inbound until I get the barber pole which means I've crossed the VOR. At that point, I tune the OBS to 140. Since I'm flying at 150-155 and my hold is on the 140 radial, it is my understanding that I have to make a parallel entry. So I turn to 140, flying outside the racetrack.

I start the clock as soon as the flag flips to outbound. After 1 minute I turn left to 320. About half way through the turn, the examiner says "You did not enter the holding pattern correctly" and I fail. This happens every time.

I read a post in the FS2004 forum that you have to make a teardrop entry, so I tried that even though an entry from 155 inbound to the 140 radial should be parallel. Still no luck.

Does anyone see a problem with my reasoning? Has anyone passed the instrument checkride for FSX? If so, is it a parallel or teardrop entry?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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There were bugs and mistakes in the instrument check ride in Flight Simulator 2004 and they are probably still there in FSX. Read my previous post about FS2004, it may help. 🙂

gocubsgo08 Guest

Thanks for the info about the bug. I know I haven't tuned the OBS to TO before I am directed to enter the hold. I also found a detailed description of exactly how to fly the FS2004 checkride. The instructions from the examiner are the same in FSX. I don't know if the criteria is the same - I haven't had a chance to fly it, yet.

Scroll down to FS2004 and click on "Inside the FS2004 Instrument Rating Checkride."

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