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What do you guys think is the best airport to fly into surrounding area scenery wise?

What airport has lush surroundings and near the sea, the reason I ask is that with my new graphics I can run every setting on FSX on ultra high and would really like to test it better and see what quality I get from it?.

Runway must be able to take the 737.

Cheers Guys

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Ive never heard of Friday Harbour before this release, and it is quite beautful. It meets Landing/Takeoff minima for a 737. Also Try the Tio De Janeiro are. Thats prolly the most beautiful city I have flown in and around so far.

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Lol, soz but I havent played game yet because of old graphics card, will play in 3 days approx. But cant you land anything on anything.... cant you make a touchdown at the very start, use airbreaks (and if possible reverse) and stop almost any plane on any runway?


Milford Sound (NZMF) is a pretty cool place to land at. Due to some screw-up by whatever created the terrain, the airport is on a messa peninsula. I've been able to land the learjet there, but have yet to try anything bigger.

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xubeck Trainee

I like landing at small airports in the Rocky Mountains with a Baron 58, it provides a great challenge 😂

I actually like landing at Honalulu also because its lush scenery 😛

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Actually the place I like the most is Hawaii anywhere from Hana to Honolulu, it's great scenery and cozy environment makes it a cool place to fly!

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