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Now that my landing has been sorted, the airport gates still bug me. Everytime I choose a gate in the flight planner, the aircraft is nowhere near the airport when I start before pushback. If I press CTRL+S I see that the airport is miles away. I was flying from San Fransisco to Las Vegas yesterday and decided to use gate 12 Small. When the game was loaded, I was nowhere near the airport.

How does this airports gates stuff work. Obviously I dont know how each airport looks like.



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Select the option for Doh! I forgot what its called
Anyway when you land the ATC window should ask
1 Taxi to parking
2 Taxi to gate
3 Taxi for take off options

Select 2
Now reopen the ATC window with the icon on the panel and select ... 🤔 Progressive taxi.
Now you should have some lines on the taxiway to follow

Try that

Newboy Guest


I am talking about before take off. In fact I am talking about even before you see the cockpit. When you create a flight plan using the flight planner, you choose you starting airport and the gate or runway you want to start from. Thats when you choose your gate. What I am saying here is that obviously I dont know how all airports look like, so whenever I choose a gate, somehow the FS always puts ther aircraft far fromthe airport. The only time I have got a proper gate is when I was flying from Hong Kong.

So is there a logic to follow in choosing your departure gate?


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Ah 🙄
The parking for small aircraft will normally be away from the main terminal,so light aircraft dont mix with pax traffic too much

The best way of sorting out airport parking is with Afcad2 and you could create a small parking spot near the main terminal
Also you can d/load realistic parking for popular airports

Im not sure if you can print the afcad map-----anyone?

Fs9 does not have a facility to view airport parking(or to improve it)perhaps next time 😉

i am the best pilot Guest

can someone tell me in plane ENGLISH how to get the terminal gates to join to ur aircraft or at least make some steps appear PLEASE TELLLL MEEEEEEEEEE cheers

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RadarMan Chief Captain

If you want jetways at MAJOR airports to appear you have to max out the scenery slide.
You can also download airport scenery that has jetways.
If you want steps to appear, some aircraft have doors that open down but again you have to have add-on scenery for that and it's usually pay-ware.
Go to our scenery section, I think TTT listed a scenery download called "Bremen" that is very elaborate.

Pushback is "Shift+P" and your aircraft will move back, it starts slowly so be patient, Shift + P stops it.

Is this what you wanted.


evil knievil Guest

cheers radar man!!!!

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