Error message "1722" (Fixed)

Robfs Guest

For those of you having problems try this link from the microsoft team 🙂

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Taylor (Flyboy92) First Officer

Has anyone tried this??

Harbingger Guest

Didnt work for me ...
Micro$oft is creating a trouble tick for me and will call me back

Pro Member First Officer
Murfi First Officer

Didn't work for me neither.

Commercial rotor Guest

did not work for me either,I am pissed.

Pro Member Trainee
Benj98 Trainee

I am having the same error..when trying to reinstall FSX. None of the fixes are working and this is getting very frustrating.

mike20022 Guest

hi all just got fsx and i am having the same problem tryed the fix didnt work for me


Same Prob. Fix didn'nt work, I had to call Microsoft And they fixed it.

Pro Member Trainee
Benj98 Trainee

How did microsoft fix the problem???

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