error 1722 and error 1603 on microsoft flght simulator X

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Recently I uninstalled microsoft flight simulator X (because I got a third-party error message and air hauler addon wouldnt work)and reinstalled it but I got two error messages one was error 1722 and the other was error 1603 which said a fatal error had occured during installation. I bought a new copy of the simulator but the message still came up. I have tried a few solutions like the reset package but none have worked. Is there any solutions to these errors. Please help!!! Rolling Eyes

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I had the exact same problem recently and almost pulled my hair out trying to solve it Mad What I want to say is, RadarMan's advice is correct, but there's more to it than meets the eye: When running the reset tool, you must run it FROM THE COMMAND PROMPT and make sure you RUN IT AS ADMINISTRATOR (simply running it from the administrator account is NOT enough) -- so when selecting the Command Prompt, don't double-click it, but right-click it and select the "Run as Administrator" option from the menu that comes up. Also, you must make sure you enter the commands EXACTLY as given on the Microsoft website -- even one typo (such as a missing or extra space) will prevent the program from executing.


Beautiful! thankyou so very much!

"was not running command promt as adminstrator 🙄

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