I beat error 1722


Posting as a guest because a google search for fsx error 1722 lead me here. I thought I would help everyone having as much frustration as I am!
I havn't quite beat error 1722, but I'm close and found a semi-solution!

I tried reinstalling windows installer and a buncha other things msxml w/e it is, nothing works. The game oringally installed fine, but i crashed and it wouldnt recognize my activation and it said to reinstall. This is where most people encountered that it won't let you reinstall and you get error 1722 and a roll back!

Here is my solution:
When it gives you error 1722, don't click anything! Leave the error 1722 window up, I tried to ctrl alt delete the install to prevent rollback since it installs all the files for the game... it just wants to delete them when you're done. So I instead with my laptop unplugged it and popped the battery out. Re-powered it and presto it works! It prevented rollback! I can go into the FSX directory and start the game, BUT!

It still gives you the activation error b/s where it first told you to reinstall that lead you to error 1722. I can get the game started... although I don't know how to get around that activation thing. I am stuck without multiplayer or alot of things 😞 but at least I can play. I don't understand how i bought the game and paid 50 bucks for a demo... Does anyone know how to get it reactivated past this point in return for helping defeat the 1722? lol

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This was posted earlier.
Will it work for you, I hope.
If so please let us know so others will be helped.

I have a solution.
i think this will be more easy than pedro´s solution

1-Before you install FSX, install the DirectX 9 found in the dvd

2-install FSX
3-When you get 1935 error, press ctrl-alt-del and close the installation.You don´t need to move the folder installation,let it in the same place
4-Copy the .dll files from crack.rar to FSX folder, if you have a razor1911 copy
5-Download this file : http://rapidshare.com/files/1085861/msxml4.manifest
this is the missing file of the installation, put it in the fsx folder
6-play the game

THIS WORKS!!!!!!!!

sorry for my english, i´m from brazil





I don't know about the manifest? and I know crtl alt delete wouldn't work for me... It would still roll back for some reason. I had to unplug the computer. I did though go and dl the razor crack afterwars and was able to play.

Although, I seem to be missing 3d cockpits, and the tower camera.... I don't know why? any ideas? Everything else is fine though...

I have been getting some weirdness sometimes... After flying for maybe 40 minutes, sometimes engines will randomly fail like crazy for no reason, or my altimeter and other gauges will just fail, and then eventually come back alive. It messes autopilot up when it happens... Also noticed sometimes it does random loads...

I landed at Tampa intl, and was taxiing... randomly it started to load me into somewhere else, and I appeared no joke, in Afghanistan. It was hillarious but annoying. It then happened again and I loaded into The Arctic.... no idea....

Also was on ILS glide to Miami Intl, and I loaded into space, out of the atmosphere and couldn't fly.

Only seems to have happened in multiplayer

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A few observations...

In their obsession to protect their 'rights' to FSX and how purchasers may use the software the Microsoft monolith has surely driven normally 'legit' computers to use such methods to get the programme running as are available; no-one is going to tell me that the 1722 error has not raised its head during the beta period, yet again the poor consumer is left high and dry- the only known fix being files released by the very people Ms are so intent on preventing!! Well, not for the first time the naughty folk have stuck it to 'em, we are told 'no fix at present' by Ms, maybe they should be offering certain people a huge salary for sorting out their screw-ups!
In the aftermath of yet another disastrous release there's a whole load of new users who are now aware that such files are easily gotten from unoffficial sources and will most likely not buy retail product in future when a hacked offering is out there that works, unlike the official product.
My 10 cents worth- any other opinions on this?


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Apart from not being very fond of your name (though it's better than no name) I agree pretty much with everything you're saying.

I am still content to pay for functional software and for the computerparts of my choice and for my internet connection.

BUT... any anti virus, anti malware, anti spam and everything else that is needed to protect the hardware and software I legally own should be completely free of charge.

I am an honest person. I do not steal. I do not understand why I should pay money for being honest.


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Hey people, last night i accidently found a microsoft article regarding the 1722 error message. It looks like they are still working on it but a friend of mine who had the same problem followed the instructions and it worked.

Please go to the link:


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I also cured the error by using the registry reset program kb928080 from
Microsoft. I had to enter it using the command prompt and manually
typing the commands specified in the instructioins as per the directions
on the bottom of page two of the instruction print out..
Read the directions carefully. I had no trouble with the 1722 after
using microsoft's fix.

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Recently I uninstalled microsoft flight simulator X (because I got a third-party error message and air hauler addon wouldnt work)and reinstalled it but I got two error messages one was error 1722 and the other was error 1603 which said a fatal error had occured during installation. I bought a new copy of the simulator but the message still came up. I have tried a few solutions like the reset package but none have worked. Is there any solutions to these errors. Please help!!! 🙄

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I have tried Microsoft official solution to the problems of errors 1722 and 1605, but i could not continue from the first step ,the registry reset program kb928080 from Microsoft will NOT down load , they may have remove it from the server ?
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22 August 2016

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