How can I change the Transition Altitude

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Hi yall,

does anyone know how I can change the value of the Transition altitude to e.g. 5000 ft (which is set to 18000 by default?)

Who can help??

Thx Joachim

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

I don't think you can in FS. If you have FSPassengers then you can change the TA.

Microsoft is American, so FS is American, as is the avaiation law, and the terminology. Some of it is quite different to European aviation law.

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yeah I get that a lot. American flight rules (i think) don't let you change it up. Whenever I fly the 763 level-d into klax, they bring me over the sadde6 transition pretty high, though there's a big circle to get around to 24R. But in the end it should all work out. Where exactly do you fly though? If you have a variety of transitions, i would recommend trying out each of them.

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😂 You're talking about something completely different...

The original poster was talking about TA/TL; the altitude you reset your altimeter to 1013 hpa, or the FL at which you reset your altimeter to local settings; not runway approaches 😀

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Thx for your information. I was afraid of something like that... Sad


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