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I re-installed flight sim 2004 after un-installing due to a computer change.
Started it up first time today and have noticed that the autopilot altitude hold no longer works as in I can only set it once and it will work.

Take off and set autopilot altitude to 10,000 ft and then it will get to that altitude and maintain that height but then if you change the altitude hold again it will not register and will continue to climb or decsend.
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CRJCapt Chief Captain

Which aircraft are you using? I will try to recreate your set up.

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jelami First Officer

I think that you don't want alt hold, but rather adjust your V/S verttical speed dial to a reasonable rate of decent or climb for the aircraft you are flying.

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CRJCapt Chief Captain

I set it up in the B737 because that was my guess of what you were flying.
It worked fine for me. I don't understand what you mean by "Altitude won't register" when you try and change it the second time. If the aircraft captured 10,000 ft. then all below must be happening for you:

1. On the way up to 10000 ft., the ALT button on with the AP on.

2. At 10000 ft., when you set the new altitude, the vertical speed should go to about 1800 FPM and the aircraft will begin the climb to new alltitude.

If you cannot change the altitude numbers, you have a problem with the program.

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lkw First Officer

You may have saved your aircraft with some bad data. Try creating a new flight with a different aircraft get it flying and the switch aircraft to the one you are having problems with and see if the problem presists.
Let us know how you are doing. 🙂


Hi thanks for the replies.
I use either Boeing 737 or 777.
737 usually does this all the time. 777 is usually my fav aircraft because it is easy for me and autopilot works.

When I say 'doesn't register' I will give another example:

Lets say I take off in 777 from ******* airport and get into the air (VFR Flight not IFR NO ATC!!!!!)

So I have the decision on where I fly etc.
I decide to set autopilot to say 15,000 feet. This is put into autopilot and I only switch the altitude hold and the main autopilot switch.
Then I want to change from 15,000 feet to say 5,000 feet and it will stay on 15,000 feet and will usually go higher and higher.


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CRJCapt Chief Captain

I tried it on mine and it worked fine. This may be a dumb question but here goes. At 15000 ft., all you have to do is set 5000 ft in the autopilot. Are you hitting the ALT button again? It should already be on and if you hit it again, you turn off the altitude hold. When you set the new altitude, vertical speed number should change and the aircraft will descend with the ALT button illuminated. There should be no need to hit the autopilot switch again, it should stay on.

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lkw First Officer

Do you see the vertical speed change to a -1500 if as in your exaple you are decending. I have at times had an aircraft try to accend instead of decend and have been able to correct by adjusting the VS.

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CRJCapt Chief Captain

Yes, the VS should change. Mine goes to 1800 but you can adjust it during the climb or descent. Try this:


15000 ft., AP on, ALT hold on (illuminated), Flight Director on.

Change alitude to 5000 ft. with mouse. That's all you do.

Vertical speed should change to a negative number on it's own.

Aircraft should descend to and maintain 5000 ft.

If that's not happening, you have a problem with the program.

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