Error :Unable to load some files, reinstall or repair...


I get this message when I try to launch the game. It was a copy and there is a crack folder included. I copied the 3 files in the folder but it is not working. Is there anyone who has this problem? I am thinking purchasing a original one, but I am not sure after I read the discussions in the forums. How can I solve this problem?


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I have the some problem now. how did you solve this problem?

bmarinjr Guest

I get the same error. I bought FSX deluxe

Shawn Flyboy Guest

I have the same issue and love the game so I purchased the deluxe version and it still does the same thing on both of my Dual Core AMD systems. There is something about my setup that MS Filght Sim X just does not like.

guest 12 Guest

did u guys have the demo version installed before you bught fsx?

Shawn Flyboy Guest

I did not install the Demo but I did install a Malaysia copy first that did not work except at the Install. After you shut down it would no longer run. The real copy does the same thing. I have now tried both the Malaysia copy and the real copy on four different computers. Both copies of the software will run on an Intel Duel core or a Centrenal processor. Both copies will not run on two differant AMD Dual core systems. It is starting to look like this is an AMD processor issue. After taking to Microsoft and trying everything they stated it still does not work and they do not seem to have any more ideas to try. Both AMD systems will not even try to load the program in safe mode. "Unable to load some files" and it never tells you what files it is looking for. Anyone have any other ideas?
Thanks in advance.


I have the same problem, i installed Fs X Deluxe, played 1-2 hour and i restarted my pc... THEN, I GET THE DAMN ERROR!!! Evil or Very Mad Re installed(4 times),CHKDSK runned(no problem), spyware scan(no problem).

I was have the same error in Fs X Demo...

I will re install my WinXP 😞


"Flight Simulator was unable to load some program files and will now exit. Please reinstall flight simulator to restore or repair the program installation."

I recieved this same error after running the program for several days without making ANY changes to my system. FSX crashed during one of the missions, and then developed the error.

This is the solution that worked for me. least for now.

On the first DVD, under "\\program files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator X\" are 72 files. On your hard drive under "\\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\", are 74 (or 75) files (and 25 directories.) Overwrite the 74 files of your hard drive with the 72 files from the DVD.

That's it.

dsflight1 Guest

This is a curse, there is no way around it. I've phoned and phoned, nothing we can do I'm afraid.


hi dude i am simrat and i want to suggest u that you first replace ur hard disc SATA WIRE and then install a new windows and then install fsx and then u go in disc 2 and then open razor1911 and it consist of crack .zip open it and extract it in your new intalled fsx folder and then enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.............,.,/


All you have to do is install sp1 and that's it , i got the same problem then i installed sp1 and now it works! Surprised

jun Guest

I solve this problem.
I changed another crack.
So now i'm playing fsx!!! 🙂

guest Guest

maybe you have installed fsx in more than one folder. delete any other versions like steam or gold folders and install again.


same problem here help me at
this happened after i cracked fsx

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