Who still loves FS 2004?

Do you still love FS 2004?
 88%  [ 15 ]
No-FSX rules!
 5%  [ 1 ]
I have a different flight simulator version. (please specify)
 5%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 17
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KevinTsai First Officer

I just want to see if anyone still love FS 2004. I still love it. Pretty soon I'm think that FSX will be all the rage.

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KevinTsai First Officer

I'll vote in this poll-even though it's my poll.

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KevinTsai First Officer

I've got FS 2004 in late February, 2006. Hopefully my temptations won't make me want to get FSX. I still want to play FS 2004 long as possible.

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Tailhook Chief Captain

I think 'love' is a bit of a strong word for a piece of software - but yes I still use fs9 on a daily basis, flying, tweaking, experimenting, installing, uninstalling... everything I've been doing for a number of years now.

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Solotwo Chief Captain

Its a love/hate relationship. But I really enjoy FS9. And mine still looks 95% better then anyone elses FSX. Wink

murjax Guest

I would never give up fs2004. I think it is better than FSX because you can choose between VC and panal. You can have a panal on FSX but with VC in the backround.

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

murjax wrote:

I would never give up fs2004. I think it is better than FSX because you can choose between VC and panal. You can have a panal on FSX but with VC in the backround.

I dont think so...You have both option in FSX too.If i get what you mean.And you also have more viewung options than FS9

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pilatflyr First Officer

FS2004 is a lot better because it was groundbreaking. I'll play it for as long as I can. it set a whole new standard for how the game should be played and it's good to know that I own it. so for the time being, fs9 is here to stay

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Alec Stelloh (Thunderbirdman2) First Officer

YES FOR ME BUT TODAY IT GOT ALL MESSED UP YETERDAY WAS WORKING FINE RIGHT AFTER I INSTALLED ME GEFORCE 6600 but today it just went bizarr the scenery im probally returning it because i dont need it really or my dad will trade for a new 1 but yes its probally a yes for me still

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biggly Trainee

I've only just got the thing and specifically bought it BECAUSE MS had come out with a new version, and by chance I had just bought a new PC.

Perfect timing, for the FS range are always ahead of the computers available at the time. I've still had to buy a new video card though, though the built in one did a surprisingly good job. It did get a bit jerky at times, rarely but it was obviously at it's limit. I now have a Radeon 9550 128 AGP and was somewhat surprised to find I can run it with everything on max and it's still giving at least 25 fps, mostly around 40fps which is fine.

Just for laughs I raised the resolution, can't remember what to but a notch above my usual and it still runs smoothly. Didn't seem to make any difference at all apart from a sharper image.

I have also tried "Flightgear", which didn't work at all with my old card. It now runs and runs smooth, BUT the software keeps going silly. All of a sudden the joystick goes dead or juddery (you can see the stick twitching around on-screen) and a couple of times the display went seriously corrupted. Basically it's pants software and reminds me why I tend to shy away from open source stuff. It's never actually 'finished'..

But FSX? No, I very much doubt my, or any, machine can run it properly with the degree of silky smoothness I demand.

I'd rather run at 600x800 in black and white than play a jerky sim.

Overall I'm loving it, and will have to sniff around for downloads and goodies, really make an effort this time to learn the navigation and ATC stuff. I've never had MSFS running smooth enough to really bother with it before - I feel like I've got my pilots license!


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Ricksterbman Trainee

At this point in time I really have no choice, since my computer does not play DVD format, but I love FS9. I have had it for two years now, and use it on a daily basis.Some things on it are admittedly irritating like the private pilot checkride which blows you off in a millisecond if every single thing is not done to absolute perfection instantly- but other than that I think it is amazing !
The majority of shortcomings with it are a result of my old computer and shrimpy graphics card. I am sure that if I had a beefed up system designed for gaming so that I could run the graphics at a higher standard I would probably never want to give this thing up.

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wombat457 First Officer

I have both FS2004 and FSX ... my opinion ?

Microsoft should have spent hte money they spent on FSX on redeveloping FS9. While FSX has a few extra "fancy things in it" like moving jetways, puchback trucks etc, essentially it doesnt offer much more than FS2004., and you can buy all the add-ons you want for 2004 that will emulate most o fwhat FSX has WITHOUT needing a computer the size of "Pegasus", with the power of an F15.

In short - FS2004/9 was the sim that changed the way Flight Sims would be veiwed in the future. It was the best, is the best and in my humble opinion will ALWAYS be the best. Well at least when talking about Windows based platforms anyway 😉

Cheers and Safe flying


amen to that

Bartfs Guest

Meh, I dont need FS2004 or FSX
Fs2002 for life 😛

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airshocker Trainee

I LOVE FS2004!!!! IT ROCKS ❗ 😀

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dkt3 First Officer


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cheezyflier First Officer

yay 😀

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CAFedm Trainee

Good grief - the results don't say much favourable about FSX - sure it's still brand-new, I suppose all the addons available for FS9 have much to do with it (and FSX will take awhile to catch up).

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vlad (tiger7881) First Officer

FS9 ROCKS my SOCKs 😂 . If you have add-ons in FS9 like traffic and new scenery and good system, who needs FSX? I am with FS9 forever !

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KevinTsai First Officer

I have a lot of freeware addons. Most of them are aircraft, AFCADS, and scenery files I downloaded from avsim. The only payware addon I have is Perfect Flight Fly the Airbus A380. I think was makes FS2004 the one of the most popular flightsim is because there is a variety of addons for FS2004.

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