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Hi all,

I have just managed to install the "Airbus Pro Series" from Phoenix Simulation Software. I have also installed Flight Simulator 2004. The problem is that when I open FS 2004 the following messages pop up,

"The version of FS 2004 detected is not compatible with this version of FSUIPC! It is build 9.01.4091. You need the correct version of FS 2004. Check the help - about: the build should be 9.00.30612 . FSUPIC will terminate when you select OK.

After selecting OK,

"Flight Simulator was unable to load some aircraft or software. You can continue using Flight Simulator but this aircraft or software will be disabled.
File: FSUIPC.dll."

After that nothing happens and Flight Simulator will not open at all. I found that after uninstalling the "Airbus Pro Series", Flight Simulator will start to work again. What can be done to overcome this problem?

Any help will be greatly appreciated Crying or Very sad

Kind regards,


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You should have got a new FSUIPC file with your software I think if not you will have to download one. I had the same problem with 737 pmdg. Would do the samething come to find out when I would try and put it in the moudule folder it wasnt going to the folder and would shut down FS9. Phoenix might of supplied you one.

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I think the latest version is 3.4.5. In any case Pete dowson, the creator of the module can help also. Go to pete dowsons home page and check there. You can download for free, the modules there. 😉

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Thanks guys,

I managed to solve the problem thanks to your help!

Karl 😉

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Get the latest version of FSUIPC.DLL here:

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