Playing the ATC controller in single player mode.

Running Guest

When I first ran FSX I was missing the option to play ATC in single player mode.

Yesterday I was in the tower during a multiplayer game and the host ended the session. The popup box appeared asking me if I wanted to continue "flying". I selected yes.

and there I was in the tower, computer generated traffic appeared on the ground and in the air. I could do everything that the tower controller can do during multiplayer.

Downside, computer generated traffic is even worse than real life players when in comes to listening to ATC commands, there where no radio menu options like you get as a pilot in single player mode either.

Would be a nice addon to get this to work in single player mode though.

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Murfi First Officer

Yeah, but isn't it pointless though? Unless you don't want to talk to other people. What did you expect there to be, like buttons to reply to them without speaking?

Running Guest

What I was hoping for is to direct trafic. Just like I get the menu options when flying when I talk to ATC.

It shouldn't be to hard to implement that.

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Murfi First Officer

I don't think you can do that. You can only be ATC in multiplayer, playing with real other people using voice.

Running Guest

Well that's what I'm trying to say.
You can sit in the tower in single player mode (if you get booted of a server), but you can't effectively direct traffic.

You can try but they just don't listen 🙂

Still I don't think it would be that much work to add a few menu options so that you can direct the computer generated trafic.

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Murfi First Officer

I knew exactly hat you were saying, I know that if you get disconnected in multiplayer you can also be in ATC. I do agree with what you are suggesting o some ways, it's good for ATC newbies who don't know what to say and how to say it, but there are dfferent ways of learning.

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Kev (Dyad) Trainee

It would be good to be able to act as ATC in single player. It would give newbies (like myself) the ability to look inside the tower and play about without the worry of upsetting someone who wants to be vectored in for an ILS approach.

If you can have menu driven ATC for human pilots why not menu driven ATC for AI traffic, responding to the selected commands.

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