Playing as the ATC in FSX

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Hi guys,

I've no idea of how to play FSX deluxe version as ATC. I'd be trying it for the first time. Frankly speaking I dont even know how to go to ATC mode.

Any tips for the same. Links to specific topics with ATC play would be appreciated!


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You have to go to Multiplayer and when you join a server you can choose your role. Either Pilot or ATC.

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I went into multiplayer, logged in my gamespy account and selected ATC. The problem is when I open my radar, I see no aircrafts. Ant tutorials for the same guys!? I'm totally confused. I see people joining in the room but dont have any clue what they're upto?!?


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Then ask them where they are. 😳

Not everyone is going to start at a location just because you are there.

Firstly have you checked the tutorials section in fsx?
Have you ever listened to the atc in the sim itself or been in a session with someone doing atc.

Its quite simple if you are starting out


I want to be a controler in fsx but a roll box won't show up?

Hugh Wells Guest


I have FSX Gold which I am led to believe is the Deluxe version with an expansion pack. When I go into multiplier and choose a server there is no option to be a tower controller nor is there when I select, create new server.

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