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Morning all,

New player here, only just discover FSX:SE wow what a great pastime.

So much to learn.

I see up a flight plan to go from Lyon to Luton.
Took off, with ATC and followed ATC directions all going well.
Then turned on autopilot to follow the GPS and ATC was happy.

As we approached Luton the GPS and ATC sent me on different paths, both towards luton, just ATC didn't want me to follow GPS route in.

Did I do something wrong?

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DeadnabWNC Guest

That is a great help - many thanks.

However my original question remains...

The GPS sys fly heading 100, ATC say fly 150.

Should I disable GPS and the flight plan and allow ATC to direct?
I guess ATC should over rule, just not sure...

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I would try both ways and that way you can see what to do the next time this happens.
FSX is an excellent piece of software but not foolproof.


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Radarman is right, there could be some discrepancies in the software. It depends on what you want to follow. ATC will take you there (via IFR) and GPS will take you there directly. There may be some turns and twists in the process.

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